Thursday, 8 November 2007

Super Sundae!

Being a new Vegan, one thing I am grateful for is a convincing ice cream. I got a Swedish Glace one that tastes creamier than most dairy ice creams I have tried, so I am v. happy! It is expensive, but then again it is supposed to be a treat and not an everyday event (even if I want it everyday!). The hot chocolate sauce is a singe to make, and totally worth it!

Serves 2
Chocco-nut Sundae:

First, be a clever cloggs and take your ice cream out to soften.

In a small microwave proof dish (I use a small glass tumbler) place around 6 cubes of chopped dark chocolate, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, one heaped teaspoon of marge and around a teaspoons worth of golden syrup. Blast in micro for 10 seconds and stir, if the mixture is still lumpy give it another 5 seconds. If the mixture still has lumps and is hot, keep stirring and let the residual heat melt the chocolate. You defo don't want to burn the chocolate by blasting it for too long.

Chop up a banana, then a small handful of salted roasted cashews/peanuts (salty crunchy works crazy good with the creamy sweet of the ice cream and banana). Scoop ice cream in bowls and chuck banana and nuts on top then drizzle with lots of the sauce.

Well? What you waiting for?!?

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